"I signed up in the unknown Knewton online prep course and was being set up with an online account that allowed me to sign in and practice. There was no help available and the more sessions I signed in to take, the more frustrated I got. Knewton is unguided and did not help me at all. Then, I signed up with MLIC and their structured approach to training me helped me a great deal. I had a human instructor to whom I can direct my questions and ask for help. Plus, their virtual classes helped me learn amazing strategies and improve my test taking skills. Knewton was a waste of my time and money. Thanks, MLIC." -- Ada, Baltimore, Maryland.
"MLIC Online prep course, by compelling me to turn in assignments by date certain due-dates, gave me the structure and provided the disciplined format for my learning and training. MLIC's course materials covered concepts and strategies that were relevant to the real GMAT, and the training escalated me quickly to the high-difficulty areas of the GMAT. Although it was frustrating to make that jump in short order, it was worth it. The training assignments sort of simulated the adaptive format of the test, and made me work at the high difficulty areas for the most part. Result: I scored 660, an improvement of 250 points from my prior best score of 410. MLIC online prep works. --- Wendy Murphy, Lisle, IL.".
"I got burnt by taking the Veritas Online prep course that was insulting and shocking at the same time. Then, I enrolled in your online prep course and could see from Week 1 that I was on the right track. I owe MLIC my GMAT score of 710. I strongly recommend MLIC prep course.
   --- Murali Krishnan,GMAT Hall of Famer , Singapore.
"I learned more from your web-review sessions than I did from the entire Veritas Online prep course. MLIC's study notes for GMAT maths and verbal sections were the best I have seen. Your course helped me go from 570 to 710. I could not have done it without your help.
  --- K. Jassar, GMAT Hall of Famer , LA
"Following the GMAT online prep course that I took with MLIC, I scored 690 on the GMAT -- a score in the 91st percentile. Thank you for your personalized support and for your great training materials, which significantly enhanced my understanding of GMAT concepts and procedures especially in the Verbal areas. Your program works."
  --- Ali Marami, GMAT Hall of Famer , Vancouver
"I had previously taken the Manhattan GMAT online prep course. Besides being pricey (I paid close to $900 for a bunch of chat sessions and work-on-your-own practice tests), Manhattan GMAT did not coach me in my areas of weaknesses. In fact, I found that MG's course was tailored more toward math and less toward verbal sections of the GMAT. Its study guides, somewhat overrated, did not explain the concepts and procedures as well as MLIC's materials did. The best part of the training I received from MLIC was that my instructor proactively identified my weaknesses, taught me the correct strategies and concepts, and coached me to apply them effectively. Manhattan GMAT required me to ask questions that could be answered during the online sessions that worked somewhat like forums where the moderator conducts the chat sessions. MLIC drilled concepts and repeatedly told me what it was that I was not doing right, and put me on the right path. I scored 680, a huge 210 point improvement from 470 that I scored after the training with Manhattan GMAT. If you want to work with the best training materials, and best instructors who will proactively work with you, choose MLIC course for the GMAT."
  --- Tammy Chen, GMAT Hall of Famer , San Francisco
"Having taken Kaplan ONLINE prep course for the GMAT before taking the MLIC ONLINE course, I would like to endorse strongly the MLIC online prepping for the GMAT. The reason is obvious: Kaplan course was insulting in that it made me watch some chap read from the handouts provided to us. We were then required to work on practice tests that gave results in terms of what percent of questions I got right and what percent wrong. The explanations to the problems were sometimes incorrect and I had no idea why I was not able to improve my accuracy to over 60%. I took the MLIC course after scoring a miserable 520 following Kaplan training. MLIC instrucor pinpointed my weaknesses and showed me what specifically I was not doing right. She then customized the training for me and helped me greatly improve in the areas that were critical to my success. The telephonic sessions lasted about an hour and were immensely useful. I improved my GMAT score from 520 to 670 after taking the MLIC online course. I have no hesitation in shilling for the MLIC GMAT online course."
  --- Emile Beregova,GMAT Hall of Famer, Kansas.
"Your GMAT prep course is different from the other GMAT prep classes because it actually taught me the concepts behind the GMAT problems rather than some shoddy GMAT-related trick that only works part of the time or never at all. I recommend your Online GMAT test prep course to anyone who is serious enough to get 'down and dirty', and learn the concepts that will get them a high GMAT test score - every time. Your GMAT prep course helped me get a 710 on the GMAT. Thank you for your excellent GMAT online prep course.- Mathew Ferry, St.Joseph, Missouri"
"A lawyer admitted to the bar in Munich Germany, I attempted to take the GMAT, knowing that my challenge was in the GMAT Math area. I took a course conducted by a German testpreparation company in Frankfurt and found that the level of teaching involved very simple GMAT problems, even worse than those taught in Kaplan GMAT or Princeton Review GMAT classes. After scoring 570 on the GMAT in my first attempt, I researched on the Internet GMAT prep courses and enrolled in the GMAT preparation class offered by an American Company, MLIC. MLIC GMAT preparation course, besides offering excellent study and training materials, also reinforces the learning process with original GMAT questions. The individual attention received from dedicated instructor helps one overcome his or her weakness in Mathematics and in Verbal areas of GMAT. Result: I scored 670 on the GMAT. Anyone whose GMAT-specific Mathematics and Verbal skills are rusty should take MLIC GMAT preparation course"-- Falko Philipp Kloepper, writing in Handelsblatt, DE."

MLIC ONLINE GMAT PREP now includes Virtual Classes to simulate in-class experience.


MLIC offers the best GMAT Online prep course backed by the best 620+ GMAT score guarantee. Unlike GMAT Online Prep courses offered by other lesser prep companies such as Veritas Prep or Manhattan GMAT ("overpriced junk"), or by companies such as GMAX Online, Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Knewton which all require you to watch some videos or work on your own in clueless serendipity, MLIC actually trains you in critical GMAT assessment areas by using high-difficulty GMAT problems that are LIVE in current GMAT administrations. MLIC pioneered GMAT Online prep course in 1995 and has remained the gold standard by which other lesser GMAT prep courses need to be judged.
Here are the salient features of our GMAT Online prep course:
  • MLIC trains you, using superior training methodology, best professional GMAT trainers, and the best GMAT study and training materials.
  • The GMAT online course uses questions that are representative of the LIVE GMAT problems tested at high difficulty levels in current GMAT administrations. MLIC does not base its GMAT training on the Official Guide to GMAT Review that many of our inferior competitors do.
  • MLIC GMAT Online preparation includes at least 4 GMAT Virtual classes that are live and held in small groups so that you can get the benefit of both worlds: One-on-One training and group training. The virtual classes will feature lectures on GMAT concepts, procedures, and strategies, and test-review sessions. Additionally, MLIC will schedule one-on-one review sessions if such a need is identified and determined to be of value to you.
  • MLIC does not expect you to watch Videos or work on endless practice tests in clueless serendipity as Kaplan, GMAX, Princeton Review, Manhattan GMAT, Veritas prep, Knewton, and others do. MLIC online prep course for the gmat will require that participants demonstrate the new learning in some meaningful way, usually by completing assignments and by demonstrating their competencies to the trainer during the web lectures and during personalized review sessions. MLIC GMAT Online coaching programs are not seminars or tutorials or trick sessions; they are serious learning opportunities that set you on the pathway to a score in the 90th percentile. MLIC believes in the learn, demonstrate, practice approach to training that is sorely lacking in the other me-too and lesser GMAT prep courses.
Be Wise and be fair to yourself. Register today in MLIC GMAT Online Prep course. .


The objective of MLIC GMAT Online prep course is to provide the best training in GMAT assessment areas so that you can shoot for and reach GMAT scores of better than 700.



gmat online prep girl Within 24 hours of your completing the registration formalities in the MLIC GMAT Online preparation, you will begin to receive instructions for the training from your dedicated trainer. (If you want to start on a specific date instead of right away, you can indicate that request in the message box that appears before the 'submit registration' button.)
  • Within 24 hours of registration, You will be set up with a dedicated, professional trainer who will be charged with the responsibility for steering you through the training process over a 4, 6 or 8-12 week period that you have chosen when you signed up.
  • Your dedicated trainer will be responsible for setting you up with the required weekly study and assignment completion plans, provide feedback on completed diagnostic and remedial assignment sets, schedule your attendance in the GMAT Virtual Classes and any one-on-one review sessions on a case by case basis, and to provide any specific assistance that you may require in the GMAT assessment areas.
  • You will be required to complete 120 hours of training over a 6-8 week period by committing about 15-20 hours of work per week. You can enroll in the GMAT Online prep in Normal Schedule (typically 6-8 weeks; typical time commitment: 15-20 hours a week) or in the Accelerated Schedule that involves completing the training in 4 weeks by committing about 30 hours a week. You are allowed to switch to normal schedule of training if you enrolled in the accelerated schedule and found the pace of accelerated course difficult to cope with. You are also allowed to extend the training to 12 weeks in case you had to take an unexpected hiatus from training.
  • Your weekly training will consist of three layers of support: diagnostic, remedial, and practice. The initial set of assignments you will be asked to complete will represent the diagnostic set. Along with the feedback, you will receive the second, remedial set of assignments in the same assessment area, and after that you will be asked to work on practice tests. Remember endless practice alone does not make you perfect. MLIC training approach relies on the precept: learn, demonstrate, practice.
  • HARDWARE REQUIREMENT: You can participate in the training by using any computer that runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms. The study and assignment files are typically sent to you in PDF and Word format, and you will need to have access to high-speed Intenet to be able to participate in the training. To participate in the Virtual classes, you can use any computer, need to have access to DSL or Cable or Satellite Internet, and require either VOIP headset (you can buy it from Best Buy for $20) or call in using a landline or mobile phones. Participants from overseas locatons (non-USA) are advised to get VOIP headsets so that you can participate in the training without having to call long-distance to a United States phone number. The practice tests that will be provided at the completion of training will require Windows environment or Mac environment with built in Virtual Windows.
  • The virtual classes are typically scheduled to occur on the Weekend days (Saturday or Sunday), starting at 9:00 PM EST/EDT and lasting about 2 to 3 hours each time. Some virtual classes will be scheduled for weekday evenings as well. You will receive invitation to attend the Virtual Classes about 48 hours before the scheduled classes along with any assignment that needs to be completed for review during such virtual class sessions.


MLIC Online prep course requires that you complete at least 120 hours of training in order to be eligible for the 620+ (80th percentile) Score Guarantee. You can pursue the training in NORMAL schedule or in ACCELERATED schedule.
  • You can complete the training in NORMAL schedule in 6-8 weeks by committing about 15 to 20 hours per week over the period. (Divide the 120 hours by the number of weeks in which you want to complete the training. If you complete the training in 6 weeks required to pursue training in NORMAL schedule, you will spend about 20 hours per week; if you want to complete the training in 8 weeks in NORMAL schedule, you will commit about 15 hours per week.)<.li>
  • ACCELERATED SCHEDULE: You can also complete MLIC GMAT Online prep course in Accelerated schedule in 4 weeks by committing about 30 hours of work per week.
  • You are allowed to switch to NORMAL schedule of training if you initially enrolled in the Accelerated schedule and found the pace of training too hectic or difficult to cope with. There is no penalty for this switch, which can be accomplished by simply sending a request to your dedicated GMAT trainer.


MLIC GMAT Online prep course is about training you comprehensively in all the GMAT assessment areas. However, You can also choose to receive Custom GMAT training only in Verbal or in GMAT Quantitative or in GMAT AWA.
  • Choose to train in GMAT Verbal Assessment only over 3-6 weeks, by committing about 15-20 hours per week
  • Or, choose to be trained in GMAT Quantitative Assessment only over 3 to 6 weeks, by committing 15 to 20 hours per week.
  • Or, Choose to be trained in GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) only over 3-4 weeks by committing 10 hours per week.
Additionally, you will be expected to participate in 6-10 hours of REAL-TIME TELEPHONIC REVIEW SESSIONS or in REAL-TIME ONLINE REVIEW SESSIONS with our professional trainers.


Those who would like to receive customized one-on-one training in the GMAT assessment areas and to work at their own pace on GMAT assessment areas rather than at the frenetic pace of our Turboprep GMAT prep class will find our OnLine GMAT training course extremely useful. Because the design of the OnLine GMAT prep course is such that we provide custom training to all of our GMAT course participants (we recognize that each participant is different, and has his or her unique GMAT-specific weaknesses) in all of the GMAT assessment areas, GMAT test-takers who require specific focused attention and support in any or all of the three GMAT assessment areas will find our OnLine GMAT prep course option an invaluable help in achieving their target GMAT score. You will also select ONLINE GMAT prep course option if you cannot take time off to come to our in-class GMAT preparation classes or if a classroom GMAT prep class or the Weekend intensive GMAT prep course is not offered by MLIC in your area. MLIC GMAT Online prep course provides the best training in GMAT assessment areas, and prepares you, using the most relevant GMAT questions that reflect the LIVE emphasis monitored on the current GMAT administrations.


MLIC GMAT prep courses -- our industry-leading Turboprep® and ONLINE PREP/Virtual Classes are backed by 620+ or 80th percentile GMAT Score Guarantee under which you are guaranteed a score of at least 620 or a score in the 80th percentile, whichever is higher, on the GMAT provided that you have validated the score guarantee by meeting the following requirements:

  • Complete all 120 hours of training by completing the pre-course diagnostic assignments, by attending all sessions of in-class Turboprep® training, and by doing the post-class practice tests. If you are enrolled in the Online prep course, you must complete all mandatory assignments given to you by your instructor, attend all Web lectures and web review sessions (typically 5 to 6 sessions, each lasting about 2 to 3 hours).
  • Take the GMAT within 30 days of completing the in-class training.
  • Send a copy of score report as soon as it is received by you to MLIC.
If, after meeting the score guarantee eligibility requirements, you do not reach a score of at least 620 or a score in the 80th percentile, any subsequent preparation that needs to be provided to you will NOT be charged for. However, our GMAT Score Guarantee does not imply refund of course fee paid.
MLIC GMAT is the only GMAT preparation that actually trains you, using high-difficulty problems reflecting the current emphasis seen on LIVE GMAT problems. All other prep courses are mere tutorial sessions that feed you some useless tricks that do not work most of the time, if at all, and that are not relevant to the current content of the GMAT. Be Wise, choose MLIC GMAT prep courses for 700+ GMAT Score.


WEEK 1Analytical Writing ASsignment - Review of requirements for Issue and Argumment essays, study sample essays, complete 5 writing tasks;
Begin to Work on Quantitative Preprogram assignment covering numbers theory, ratios and proportions, probability, algebra including exponents and inequalities, statistics 101, geometry formulas. Turn in assignments to your instructor by the due-back dates provided. (The math assignment will typically be allowed 2 weeks to complete.)
WEEK 2Review Subject-Scope-Qualifier strategy for Critical Reasoning and Complete diagnostic assignment in Critical Reasoning. Turn it in to your dedicated instructor by the due-back date
WEEK 3Turn in your Quantitative Preprogram assignment file; Begin to work on additional PS and DS exercises; Work on Additional Critical Reasoning Tests. Begin to review Anchor Phrase Strategy for Reading Comprehension by reviewing Module V Turboprep RC file, and complete diagnostic tests; Turn in the remedial CR and diagnostic RC files to your dedicated instructor by the due-back dates provided to you.
WEEK 4Work on practice CR tests; Work on remedial RC tests; Begin to review the rules and requirements for Sentence Correction and complete diagnostic SC assignments; Turn in your assignments to your dedicated instructor by the due-back dates.
WEEK 5 Turn in your additional PS and DS tests sent to you in Week 3. Begin to work on Workbook file used in Turboprep GMAT courses. Participate in Review sessions.
WEEK 6Begin to work on Pacing tests and adaptive Tests; Participate in Virtual Classes to review strategies and concepts; Receive one-on-one review sessions.
WEEK 7Wrap up sessions and more practice tests. Review all work done during the training and receive customized support.
The virtual classes will be scheduled for you beginning in Week 2 of the training and you will be expected to participate in at least 4 such sessions. Additionally, you will participate in one-on-one review sessions as well. You will be notified of the schedule for such sessions as you go along.
The 7-week schedule for Normal Training will be shortened to 4 weeks and you will be expected to commit about 30 hours a week to complete the training in Accelerated schedule. The review sessions will be scheduled at more frequent intervals if you take the training in accelerated schedule.

You can complete the Custom Online preparation in any of the GMAT assessment areas in 4-8 weeks. Typically, you will be required to attend 2-3 virtual classes during the duration of the training. You will be put through diagnostic, remedial, and practice assignments, scheduled to attend Virtual Class sessions covering your chosen area of GMAT training, and provided any one-on-one support that you require in order to improve in your weak areas. The GMAT Verbal Custom Online prep also includes AWA training.


  • The fee for the GMAT Online prep course in any schedule is U$695. If you choose the Custom Online GMAT prep that allows you to be trained in one of the three assessment areas of GMAT, the fee is U$495 (the fee for AWA training only is U$200).
  • You can register in the GMAT online course by completing the registration at our high-security registration gateway: MLIC GMAT Prep courses registration.
  • You can also register by calling MLIC at 1 212 682 5000 or Toll-Free at 1 888 565 GMAT (USA and Canada)
  • If you are in a non-USA/Canada location, you are required to complete the registration information at MLIC Extra-Security GMAT Registration gateway.

MLIC GMAT online prep courses