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MLIC GMAT study guides are the most comprehensive GMAT preparation notes you can get to be fully prepared for the GMAT-CAT. MLIC updates its study guides and illustrated problems in keeping with the newer emphasis monitored on the currently LIVE GMAT problems so that you get the most thorough, and most relevant prep guides that will train you to shoot on the right side of 700 on the GMAT. The computer adaptive format of the GMAT varies the emphasis from time to time on the concepts typically tested, and MLIC training guides are updated to ensure that you are not left clueless when you go to take the GMAT. So, put away those useless and passive prep guides you can buy from Arco, Barron's Kaplan, Veritas prep, Manhattan GMAT, and all others: No other study guide out there will cover 1/10th of what MLIC guide covers. Order MLIC GMAT Study Guides for 700+ Score, the only comprehensive preparation guide covering GMAT assessment areas. Along with the GMAT Study Guides, you will also receive 1000's of bonus practice problems. NEW! Now you can order GMAT Study Guides with Audio lectures in mp3 format so that you can listen the lectures in your car or on your IPOD for reinforcement of concepts, procedures, and strategies. The Fee for the GMAT Study Guides for 700+ Score is U$79 and the fee for GMAT Study Guides with Audio Guides is U$129.

Why MLIC Guides are better than Official Guide for GMAT Review
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The official guide for GMAT Review published by GMAC® / Pearson VUE® contains questions that are retired and meant to give you a handle on the types of questions tested on the GMAT at least 7 or 8 years ago. GMAC and Pearson Vue -- the creators of GMAT and publishers of Official Guide to GMAT Review -- surely are not going to train you to become proficient in taking the GMAT. Only MLIC Study Guides are frequently updated to include concepts and types of problems monitored on the current, LIVE GMAT questions. The OG contains explanations or answer key, and some of the explanations in OG require an expert to help you understand them. Only MLIC GMAT Guides contain comprehensive information that would facilitatelearning of all GMAT concepts, procedures, and works-every-time Strategies so that you can be really prepared to take the adaptive format of the GMAT. Beware of companies such as Manhattan GMAT and Veritas Prep that walk you through OG when the problems are already explained. The official Guide for GMAT Review, while a better prep material than the ones you can buy from Arco, Barrons, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review, and others, the official guide for GMAT review is basically good for a score in the mid-500's (current average GMAT score), not for a GMAT score in the 700's. Only MLIC Study Guides prepare you for a score of better than 700 on the GMAT. Order MLIC GMAT Study Guides for 700+ score today.

Unsolicited Testimonials

"The official Guides for GMAT review did not improve my score but your study guides for GMAT did: my score jumped from 530 to 690. Your math module and the RC module were simply awsome, and worth all the money I paid to get your guides. MLIC study materials are nothing if not the best. I highly recommend MLIC guides for GMAT preparation.
-- Dave Marsh, Stuttgart, Germany."

"Thank you for the amazing study guides for the GMAT and for the audio lectures that I listen to on my IPOD to solidify my understanding of your strategies and procedures. Your guides are the most thorough of any I have worked with, and worth every penny paid for it. Your study guides for GMAT are the best.
-- Lynda Wirth, Mesa, Arizona."

"I paid $450 for Veritas Prep's study guides and got a pile of garbage. Veritas Prep's guides are absolute junk. In contrast, MLIC's guides for GMAT are solid gold. MLIC prep materials are the only study notes you will require to prepare for the GMATs."
--- Tom Clarkson, Aurora, IL"

"Your study guides for the GMAT are the best preparatory materials I have laid my hands on. Your Study Guides are the most detailed and thorough, and the conversational style of explaining the concepts and procedures helped me master the GMAT sections. I must admit that I was slightly overwhelmed to work through 700+ pages of study files, over 2000 practice problems, and timed practice tests with pacing assistant (comments were cute!). However, it was worth it. Your GMAT study guides were the best use I found for my 79 dollars."
--- Erika Hanson, Topeka, Kansas.

"I think you guys at MLICETS have done a wonderful job with the GMAT study guide that I purchased from you. I have ordered numerous other study guides for the GMAT from your competitors and they don't come close to your quality.
-- Basir Sakandar, Dallas, TX"

"Anyone who is serious about making a GMAT test score in the 700's required by top Business Schools should order your GMAT Study Guides. Your GMAT study Guides undoubtedly are the most useful preparation notes for the GMAT. I am grateful that I used your GMAT study notes. It sure made a big difference to my GMAT score, which jumped a cool 90 points. Thanks again.
----Stacy Newman, Dublin, Ireland."
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What is covered in GMAT Study Guides
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MLIC GMAT Study Guides are organized in 5 major study modules and 4 companion modules to provide the most comprehensive coverage of all concepts (quantitative, analytical writing, grammar/idiom/logic tested in Sentence Correction) tested on the GMAT, procedures relevant to answering questions correctly (procedures such as anchor phrasing in Reading Comprehension, Language policing in Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension, Testing scenarios and transformation in data sufficiency), and works-every-time Strategies for eliminating answers in passages based testing.

ModulesNo. of pagesCoverage
Module 175 pagesbasics of AWA; structure and format for analyses of issue and argument; sample essays and practice topics.
Module 2240 pagesThorough review of data sufficiency question types, procedures for making logical decisions (reformulate questions, PONFI rule, test scenarios, transform, apply concepts); the most comprehensive coverage of properties of numbers, factors, multiples, LCM, remainders, ratios, proportions, percentages, statistics, probability, conditional probability, algebra (factoring, exponents, inequalities, functions and crazy symbols, sequences, non-standard definitions), Word problems, Sets, permutation and combination, geometry. All concept discussions are followed by several illustrations reflecting current LIVE emphasis on GMAT.
Module 2A300 pages4 companion modules for quantitative assessment providing assignments in GMAT-specific math concepts, review of quantitative concepts in a nutshell, formulas and rules in geometry.
Module 3120 pagesMODULE III file (120 pages) and its companion guide "Sentence Correction in a nutshell"(60 pages) cover all grammar, idiom, and logic rules, and rules of parallelism tested in Sentence Correction. You will learn how to dissect a sentence in terms of subject, qualifiers for subject and object, and complements for verbs and qualifiers, etc. and to identify the problems in sentences. No other guide out there (believe us, Manhattan GMAT guide is a joke) will explain the intricacies involved in getting a grasp of the elements of a sentence. You will learn a whole host of other good stuff that will enable you to master this section. MLIC Guide for Sentence Correction is the best prep notes you can find for Sentence Correction.
Module 4120 pagesThis module will thoroughly explain the logical reasoning basics, walk you through the various types of questions you will encounter, procedures for dealing with the questions, and strategies for determining why 4 of the 5 answer choices are not selectable. You will learn MLIC's unique subject-scope-qualifier strategy and the reading techniques that will give you better insights into the arguments being critiqued or analyzed. The best study guide for GMAT Critical Reasoning you can ever lay your hands on.
Module 5130 pagesRC Module 5 teaches you how to determine the MAIN IDEA of the passage by identifying the elements of emphasis and transitional phrases within the passage and how to process the contents of the passage in terms of its structure: context, commentary, and basis for commentary. You will also learn the anchor-phrase™ strategy for identifying context-specific information relevant to the question. Last, but not least, there is a chapter on how to arrive at the correct answer even without knowing what the passage is about. MLIC has cracked the mystery behind Reading Comprehension and shows you how to attack this section.
Module 630 pagesThis module covers the new question types tested in the GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section and explains the procedures and strategies for dealing with the questions. MLIC GMAT Study Guides are the most comprehensive preparation materials you can use to ace the GMAT.
Bonus Practice ProblemsYou will receive bonus practice tests and computer based tests with PACING MONITOR® containing thousands of problems and questions covering all three assessment sections on the GMAT. These bonus tests enable to you apply the strategies, procedures, and concepts learned from our different modules of Study Guides for the GMAT. MLIC GMAT Study guides -- veritable treasure trove of invaluable sets of concepts and strategies desgned to help you get a score of better than 700 on the GMAT test. The EXE tests will work only if you have Windows running computer. You will also receive FLASH based practice tests that can be used on MAC or PC but will require FLASH plug-in. In any case, you will receive several paper-tests that you can practice with as well. These bonus practice tests are provided as a matter of courtesy and there is no charge included in the fee you pay for the GMAT Study Guides.
The study guides and paper based practice tests are sent to you in PDF and/or Word format, and the practice tests with pacing monitors and computer adaptive tests are in EXE format. You will receive links for downloading the guides and practice tests within 24 hours of placing your Study Guides order.
Audio LecturesNow, you can order MLIC GMAT Study Guides with Audio lectures (mp3 format) for $50 more than the price of GMAT Study Guides ($79). You can burn CD's or listen to the mp3's on your IPOD so that you can receive reinforcement of concepts, procedures, and strategies. Order MLIC GMAT Study Guides with Audio lectures and derive the most bang for your bucks.
If you want to preview sample chapters from MLIC Study Guides, please click on the link for GMAT Study Guides Sample Chapters. If you want to check your mettle in GMAT Quantitative assessment, take our GMAT Quantitative Sample Test.

Receive Credit for Study Guides purchase

If you enroll in our Turboprep or Online prep course for the GMAT within 60 days of ordering and receiving the GMAT study guides, you will receive credit for $79 toward the fee for the Turboprep or Online prep course.

What is GMAT Test?

GMAT® or Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized, computer-adaptive test required by nearly all Business schools in U.S.A, Canada, and throughout the world for admission to the graduate programs in business administration. Graduate Schools tend to use the GMAT score as a rejection factor rather than as a selection factor, and you need to score at least 700 in order to receive serious attention to your other credentials. MLIC GMAT prep courses and GMAT Study guides, using frequently updated content reflecting the LIVE emphasis seen on the current GMAT administrations, prepare you- as no other prep course company can - to achive scores of better than 700. Order GMAT Study Guides and Audio lectures and get ready for admission to A-list business schools. .

The GMAT® features two computer-adaptive sections -- Quantitative Assessment (37 Questions to be answered in 75 minutes) and Verbal Assessment (41 Questions to be answered in 75 minutes) - and one non-adaptive Analytical Writing section (you will be asked to critique an argument by identifying the underlying arguments, offering alternate explanations for evidence, presenting a contrarian example, and seeking additional information about assumptions and use of evidence.) The GMAT in its revised form has introduced Integrated Reasoning section that replaces the Analysis of Issue essay, and tests your ability to deal with questions from verbal and quantitative sections, and to use/interpret data presented in different formats. The adaptive sections are together scored on a scale ranging from 200 to 800 (you need to score at least 700 in order to be competitive at leading Business schools) and the Analytical Writing (Essay) section is scored on a scale between 0 and 6, inclusive (you need to score at least 5.0 to score in the 70th percentile). The IR section is scored on a scale from 0 to 8. MLIC GMAT prep courses and GMAT study guides will help you score better than 700 in the adaptive sections and better than 5.5 in the AWA section. Our trainees have scored better than 6.5 in the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT.

You can register to take the GMAT by visiting GMAT website of GMAC®