"I signed up in the unknown Knewton online prep course and was being set up with an online account that allowed me to sign in and practice. There was no help available and the more sessions I signed in to take, the more frustrated I got. Knewton is unguided and did not help me at all. MLIC GMAT online prep is the best." -- Ada, Baltimore, Maryland.
"MLIC Online prep course is structured and you get the support of a dedicated GMAT instructor who guides you through the training. The GMAT preparation is more comprehensive than I have seen with the other company I had used, Veritas Prep GMAT. --- Wendy Murphy, Lisle, IL.".
"I got burnt by taking the Veritas Online prep course that was insulting and shocking at the same time. Then, I enrolled in your online prep course and could see from Week 1 that I was on the right track. I owe MLIC my GMAT score of 710. I strongly recommend MLIC prep course.
   --- Murali Krishnan,GMAT Hall of Famer , Singapore.
"I learned more from your web-review sessions than I did from the entire Veritas Online prep course. MLIC's study notes for GMAT maths and verbal sections were the best I have seen. Your course helped me go from 570 to 710. I could not have done it without your help.
  --- K. Jassar, GMAT Hall of Famer , LA
"Following the GMAT online prep course that I took with MLIC, I scored 690 on the GMAT -- a score in the 91st percentile. Thank you for your personalized support and for your great training materials, which significantly enhanced my understanding of GMAT concepts and procedures especially in the Verbal areas. Your program works."
  --- Ali Marami, GMAT Hall of Famer , Vancouver
"I had previously taken the Manhattan GMAT online prep course. Besides being pricey (I paid close to $900 for a bunch of chat sessions and work-on-your-own practice tests), Manhattan GMAT did not coach me in my areas of weaknesses. MLIC GMAT prep was more targeted, and addressed my unique weaknesses in GMAT assessment areas. Thanks, MLIC GMAT."
  --- Tammy Chen, GMAT Hall of Famer , San Francisco
"Having taken Kaplan ONLINE prep course for the GMAT before taking the MLIC ONLINE course, I would like to endorse strongly the MLIC online prepping for the GMAT. Watching videos is not the best way to learn and get better in your weak areas. MLIC GMAT identified my unique weaknesses, gave me tools, help, and strategies to get better in critical areas. MLIC GMAT is the best"
  --- Emile Beregova,GMAT Hall of Famer, Kansas.
"Your GMAT prep course is different from the other GMAT prep classes because it actually taught me the concepts behind the GMAT problems rather than some shoddy GMAT-related trick that only works part of the time or never at all. I strongly recommend your Online GMAT test prep course.- Mathew Ferry, St.Joseph, Missouri"
"A lawyer admitted to the bar in Munich Germany, I attempted to take the GMAT, knowing that my challenge was in the GMAT Math area. I took a course conducted by a German testpreparation company in Frankfurt and found that the level of teaching involved very simple GMAT problems, even worse than those taught in Kaplan GMAT or Princeton Review GMAT classes. After scoring 570 on the GMAT in my first attempt, I researched on the Internet GMAT prep courses and enrolled in the GMAT preparation class offered by an American Company, MLIC. MLIC GMAT preparation course, besides offering excellent study and training materials, also reinforces the learning process with original GMAT questions. The individual attention received from dedicated instructor helps one overcome his or her weakness in Mathematics and in Verbal areas of GMAT. Result: I scored 670 on the GMAT. Anyone whose GMAT-specific Mathematics and Verbal skills are rusty should take MLIC GMAT preparation course"-- Falko Philipp Kloepper, writing in Handelsblatt, DE."

MLIC ONLINE GMAT PREP now includes Virtual Classes to simulate in-class experience.


MLIC offers the best GMAT Online prep course backed by the best 620+ GMAT score guarantee. Unlike GMAT Online Prep courses offered by other lesser prep companies such as Veritas Prep or Manhattan GMAT ("overpriced junk"), or by companies such as GMAX Online, Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Knewton which all require you to watch some videos or work on your own in clueless serendipity, MLIC actually trains you in critical GMAT assessment areas by using high-difficulty GMAT problems that are LIVE in current GMAT administrations. MLIC pioneered GMAT Online prep course in 1995 and has remained the gold standard by which other lesser GMAT prep courses need to be judged.


You can now register in our industry-leading VIRTUAL LIVE 1-ON-1 GMAT preparation that offers 8 sessions of 2 and 1/2 hours each, and covers all aspects of GMAT test comprehensively.
  • Session 1 covers GMAT AWA and leads up to Critical Reasoning basics, procedures, and strategies.
  • Session 2 covers GMATnCritical Reasoning procedures, strategies, and test review
  • Session 3 covers GMAT Reading Comprehension strategies, anchor phrase procedure, and test review.
  • Session 4 covers GMAT Sentence Correction procedures, rules, strategies, and test review
  • Sessions 5, 6, and 7 cover GMAT QUANTITATIVE assessment, with one session covering GMAT Data Sufficiency and the other two covering different concepts tested in GMAT problem Solving.
  • Session 8 covers GMAT Integrated Reasoning, general strategies for GMAT test taking, and post-sessions GMAT Study plan
  • The GMAT course fee for VIRTUAL 1-ON-1 LIVE GMAT PREP is U$1,095 for 20 hours (8 sessions of 2 1/2 hours each) of personalized GMAT training. Additional hours of 1-on-1 virtual training in GMAT areas will be billed at $60 an hour, with a minimum of 2 1/2 hours for $150.


Here are the salient features of our GMAT Online prep course:
  • MLIC trains you, using superior training methodology, best professional GMAT trainers, and the best GMAT study and training materials.
  • The GMAT online course uses questions that are representative of the LIVE GMAT problems tested at high difficulty levels in current GMAT administrations. MLIC does not base its GMAT training on the Official Guide for GMAT Review that contains retired GMAT problems and which many of our inferior competitors rely on.
Be Wise and be fair to yourself. Register today in MLIC GMAT Online Prep course. .


The objective of MLIC GMAT Online prep course is to provide the best training in GMAT assessment areas so that you can shoot for and reach GMAT scores of better than 700.



gmat online prep girl
  • You can complete the 120-hour GMAT Online prep course in NORMAL or ACCELERATED schedule.
  • In Normal schedule of GMAT online prep, you can register and complete the training in 6-10 weeks. For example, if you want to complete the training in 8 weeks, you need to be prepared to commit and spend 15 hours a week on average over a 8 week period.
  • in Accelerated schedule of GMAT online course, you can register and complete the training in 3 to 4 weeks by committing 30-40 hours of time per week over 3-4 weeks.
  • The COURSE FEE for GMAT Online prep in either schedule (normal or accelerated) is U$695.


You will be assigned a dedicated GMAT professional trainer who will be responsible for setting you up with weekly GMAT study and assignment modules, for providing feedback on completed and submitted work, and for scheduling your online review sessions which are typically in small groups or, occasionally, one-on-one. You should expect about 2 to 3 such online GMAT review sessions in real time during the course of your training.


MLIC GMAT Online prep course is about training you comprehensively in all the GMAT assessment areas. However, You can also choose to receive Custom GMAT training only in Verbal or in GMAT Quantitative or in GMAT AWA.
  • Choose to train in GMAT Verbal Assessment only over 3-6 weeks, by committing about 15-20 hours per week
  • Or, choose to be trained in GMAT Quantitative Assessment only over 3 to 6 weeks, by committing 15 to 20 hours per week.
  • Or, Choose to be trained in GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) only over 3-4 weeks by committing 10 hours per week.
Additionally, you will be expected to participate in 6-10 hours of REAL-TIME TELEPHONIC REVIEW SESSIONS or in REAL-TIME ONLINE REVIEW SESSIONS with our professional trainers.


MLIC GMAT prep courses -- our industry-leading Turboprep® and ONLINE PREP/Virtual Classes are backed by 620+ or 80th percentile GMAT Score Guarantee under which you are guaranteed a score of at least 620 or a score in the 80th percentile, whichever is higher, on the GMAT. Review by clicking on the link the eligibility requirements for GMAT Score Guarantee.


  • The fee for the GMAT Online prep course in any schedule is U$695. If you choose the Custom Online GMAT prep that allows you to be trained in one of the three assessment areas of GMAT, the fee is U$495 (the fee for AWA training only is U$200).
  • You can register in the GMAT online course by completing the registration at our high-security registration gateway: MLIC GMAT Prep courses registration.
  • You can also register by calling MLIC at 1 212 682 5000 or Toll-Free at 1 888 565 GMAT (USA and Canada)

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