gmatclass.jpg"I took your GMAT preparation course in October 2003 and scored 660 on the GMAT thanks to your excellent preparation course and individualized support.  I am also happy to let you know that I have received admission to Kellogg and will be starting there in the Fall of 2004. Thank you for your wonderful support. I strongly recommend your course to anyone who is serious about  getting a great Score on the GMAT.

------Falko Philipp Kloepper, Berlin, Germany."

There you have it. Eloquent, unsolicited testimonial from one of our GMAT TurboPrep Course participants in Germany. MLICETS, a training division of MLI Consulting, Inc. (MLIC), offers goal-driven and skill-enhancing prep courses for the GMAT in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin DE, using a patent-pending CPSD methodology.  The CPSD methodology uniquely developed by MLICETS imparts Conceptual understanding of GMAT assessment areas, imparts efficient  Procedures for maximizing your test-effectiveness in a time-critical test environment, arms you with works-every-time Strategies for picking the Correct answers in the high-difficulty mode, and features unique Diagnostic component that determines each participant's unique weaknesses and allows us to provide one-on-one coaching support to our participants in order to get them up to speed in all the three GMAT assessment areas. 

GMAT SCORE GUARANTEE:   All our Courses are backed by our unique 600+ Score Guarantee for the GMAT:  Under the Score guarantee, you are guaranteed a GMAT Score of at least 600 when you take the test within 30 days of completing the GMAT prep class. You will be required to validate the Score Guarntee by Completing to the best of your ability all of the mandatory Pre-Course GMAT assignments, by attending all the sessions of the GMAT prep class, by actively participating in the GMAT class tests and assignments, and by completing the post-GMAT course work.  You will also be required to take the GMAT within 30 days after you attend the GMAT prep course in Germany or anywhere in the world. If you are registered in our GMAT ONLINE PREP COURSE, you should take the test within 30 days of completing the last set of assignments and timed tests in order to be eligible for the Score Guarantee.

Why is the MLICETS GMAT Prep Course better than that offered by Kaplan, Princeton Review, Veritas, and others? The MLICETS GMAT Turbo Prep course features 30 hours of preprogram work in the GMAT assessment areas, 45 hours of in-class work, and 25 hours of post-GMAT-course work All of the other prep courses for the GMAT, such as the ones offered by Kaplan, Princeton Review, and others, are essentially Self-study courses: They throw a bunch of books at you and work on your own for the most part. The GMAT prep classes these courses run are Q&A sessions in which they focus on 'Strategies' for improving the 'probability' of picking the correct answers. These other GMAT courses, that typically run for 18 to 24 hours, are 'taught' by part-time students who 'teach' the classes for 'beer-bucks' and who may have never taken the GMAT or GRE. In short, these other GMAT prep courses are nothing but 'tricks' factories that do not address your conceptual understanding of the GMAT assessment areas. Only the MLICETS GMAT prep courses offered in Manhattan, New York and elsewhere in the world are based on patent-pending CPSD methodology that uniquely helps you develop coneptual understanding, trains you in efficient procedures for maximizing your test-effectiveness in a timed-environment, gives you works-every-time Strategies for picking the Correct response each and every time, and features Diagnostic evaluation of your unique weaknesses so that you can be helped to overcome your deficiencies and shoot for a GMAT Score in the top 10%.  All our courses are taught by full-time employees, who are MBA graduates from reputed Business Schools such as Columbia, Stanford, etc. and who are required to take the test at least once each year and score in the 98th percentile or better each time. MLICETS GMAT prep courses: Your only guarantee of Success on the GMAT.

When are the GMAT prep Courses offered in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin?   The GMAT and GRE courses are offered in Frankfurt twice a month, with a new class starting on Second Friday and again on the Third Friday of each month.  The GMAT and GRE classes run once a month in Munich and in Berlin, starting on the Third Friday of each month. The courses run for 3 or 5 consecutive days for the 3-Day GMAT Intensive course or the 5-Day GMAT Turbo-Prep course. You can review the schedule for the GMAT courses offered in Germany by dowloading the GMAT Courses Brochure. Typically, a new GMAT and GRE class in Germany runs in an Extended Format according to the following training schedule: Friday - 10:00 A.M. to 06:00 p.m.; Saturday through Tuesday - 09:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.  Expect Home assignments on all days of GMAT / GRE classes. (Expected burden for home assignments:  1 hour). GMAT courses are held  in Frankfurt at Frankfurt Marriott on Hamburger Allee (opposite Messe Turm) , in Munich at Hilton Munich Park, Am Tucher Park (near Chinese Turm at English Garden), and in Berlin at Berlin Marriott on Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1, 10785 Berlin.

THE FEES FOR THE GMAT COURSES IN Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin DE:  The Fee for the  3 Day GMAT Intensive Course in Germany is Euro 1,095 and  the Fee for the 5-Day Turbo-Prep GMAT Course  is Euro 1,295. The Fee for the GMAT ONLINE prep course is US$645. You can order our GMAT STUDY GUIDES for 700+ Score for US$79. You can pay the GMAT prep Course  fee using Visa, MaterCard, Amex, or Discover.  You can also pay through Wire Transfer of funds.

GMAT PREP COURSE REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:  You can register by downloading the GMAT PREP Course Registration Form and by faxing the completed Registration form to 1 646 390 7415 or to our London office at 0 (44) 207 681 1159.  You can also register from our Encrypted and Secure GMAT COURSE REGISTRATION WEBSITE. Or, if you prefer, you can register by calling us at 1 888 565 GMAT (within the USA/Canada) or at +1 646 541 4639 from elsewhere.

Once you register, you will receive a formal acknowledgment and Confirmation of your registration in MLICETS GMAT prep course in your preferred course location in Germany. You will receive as soon as you register, or 3 to 4 weeks before the start of the course,  the precourse GMAT assignments covering AWA, Quantitative Concepts review and assignments, and review of Sentence Correction, CR, and RC basics. The precourse assignments are sent to you in PDF format, and you can view the files using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. 


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